Arab Light Crude Oil

arab light

Arab Light is a medium-gravity, medium-sulfur with moderate paraffinic crude oil produced by Saudi Arabian. It is the major export grade of Saudi Arabia and a global crude oil benchmark and is produced by the state-owned Saudi Aramco, Saudi Aramco Oil Company.

Arab Light is mainly produced from the super giant Ghawar field which is the largest oil field in the world and is a major source of Arab Light crude oil. Other significant oil fields in Saudi Arabia that produce Arab Light crude include the Safaniya, Abqaiq, and Khurais fields. The oil is then transported via pipelines to export terminals, such as Ras Tanura, for shipment to international markets.

Arab Light crude oil is widely traded in the international market, and buyers come from all over the world. The majority of the buyers are refineries in Asia, Europe, and North America. In Asia, countries like China, India, South Korea, and Japan are major buyers of Arab Light crude oil

Arab Light crude oil is one of the most actively traded crude oils in the international market and is used as a benchmark for pricing crude oil globally. The price of Arab Light crude oil is influenced by a variety of factors, including supply and demand, geopolitical events, and global economic conditions.

The price of Arab Light crude oil is typically quoted in U.S. dollars per barrel. It’s generally priced based on the Brent crude oil benchmark. The price of Arab Light crude oil is also influenced by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which is a group of major oil-producing countries that coordinates production and prices.

Some of the major properties of Arabian light crude oil are as follows;

Properties of Arabian Light Crude Oil 

Atmospheric Distillation of Arab Light Crude Oil gives the yields of petroleum fractions as in the table;

Arab Light, Petroleum Fractions Yields 

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