Forum Petrosolutions

The Petro Solutions Forum is the platform for petroleum oil refinery professionals to discuss their problems related to process units’ safety, troubleshooting, maintenance, reliability, revamp, product quality and process unit operations.

  • Health Safety and Environment section of the forum describes questions for safe operation, maintenance, chemical handling, fire and flammable hazards of the petroleum products, HAZOP study, risk assessment etc. workplace safety and solutions to the environment related issues in petroleum refinery.
  • Hydroprocessing section is related to hydrotreating and hydrocracking units in refinery.
  • Process Operations section deals with unit operations related issues in oil refinery.
  • Revamp section in the forum tells about problem and suggestion during revamping of the plant. Similarly, in Turnaround section turn management and problem solving is elaborated.
  • Product quality represent actions to control and improve petroleum products quality parameters.
  • In Suggestion sections, valuable inputs from the respected members are received.

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