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      Dear Sir,

      I want to understand troubleshooting of pumps (centrifugal pump) & compressors (reciprocating/centrifugal).

      1) How to inspect these equipment as an operation engineer ? What things one need to check and monitor ?

      2) A pump used to pump the fluid having RVP of 1.8 psi. Can we pump a fluid having RVP of 6-9 psi by using this same pump ? (Note: Lines sizing, dimension and head remains same not need to change them).

      3) How to inspect/check process pipelines, vessels, furnaces and columns ?

      4) What to do if the vessel pressure continuously increases (out of control) ? How to control this pressure ?

      5) From the tuning of control valve what one (operation engineer) say or comment ? For example:
      a) Pressure Control Valve —- P = 100 I = 50 D = 0
      b) Pressure Control Valve —- P = 60 I = 35 D = 0
      c) Pressure Control Valve —- P = 150 I = 120 D = 0

      6) What is the purpose of spill back line ? A spill back line with manual control and one with auto control ?

      7) What is the reason of line from discharge to pump mechanical seal ?

      8) Why warm up line is used with process lines ? Most at pump & compressor discharge ?

      9) Difference between spill back and bypass line ?

      10) How to create draft in natural draft furnace ?

      11) A reflux line from column doesn’t goes direct to air cooler, but it goes downward and then bend and then to cooler ? Why is this so ?

      12) What things need to check before filling a vessel ?

      13) How to avoid over pressurizing of vessels & furnace ?

      Please and my queries if possible. I will be waiting for response.

      Thanks & Best Regards.

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