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      Nasir Hussain

      What is the start up procedure of multistage centrifugal pump?

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      Nasir Hussain

      Some general start up step of multistage centrifugal pump are as follows;

      1. Ensure completion of any maintenance job on the pump.
      2. Energise the motor.
      3. Open suction and discharge valves.
      4. Prime the pump from casing and discharge line and close all the drains after priming.
      5. Ensure sufficient level in the suction vessel.
      6. Ensure desired suction pressure.
      7. Get ready both the pumps so that in case of any problem pump can be immediately switched over.
      8.Crack open upto 1 turn the discharge valve.
      9. Put spillback or recycle control valve on auto with set point more than the minimum design flow ( if minimum flow is 100 then approx 125 m3 flow)
      10. Start the pump and immediately& gradually open the discharge isolating
      11. Spillback auto valve will maintain the desired flow.
      12. Critically monitor flow, bearing and motor winding temperatures.
      13. In the field monitor vibrations and any abnormal sound from the pump.`

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