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      Abu noor

      How to control the flow from product stripper, feed to fractionator furnace 8 passes after product pump started?

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      M Usman Saeed

      In most of the Hydro-cracker Units (Depending Upon Capacity), From the stripper’s bottom, the reactor liquid product is fed through stripper bottoms-kerosene product exchanger, stripper bottoms-diesel product exchanger, stripper bottoms-diesel pump around exchanger, and product fractionator feed heater to product fractionator by stripper bottoms pumps. The design operation feed temperature to product fractionator is ~385 oC.
      The Stripper Bottom Level controller (Primary) controls flow (Feed) rate (Secondary) of feed to Fractionator Heater.
      During startup of stripper bottom pump, initially pump flow above minimum flow is achieved using spill back controller. After that passes flow controllers are taken on manual mode and their MV/opening adjusted such that each pass has the same flow rate & amp; MV/opening as others. After achieving a flow rate above the minimum permissible flow rate of the heater, controllers are put on cascade mode with a stripper bottom level controller.
      Since Stripper are fed with Stripping Steam, water condensate problem is face during startup or changeover of pumps. This problem can cause fluctuation in Heater Pass Flow and eventually initiate Tripping Sequence of Heater. So condensate from standby pump suction & discharge lines and casing drain points should be removed prior to startup of Pump.

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      Abu noor

      Dear Mr. Nasir
      Thanks a lot for your answer.
      We have three pumps one turbine driven and others motor dirven.There is no
      spillback is provided for this pump.Below is the product stripper level control with 8 passes.

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      Nasir Hussain

      Dear share the P&ID showing pump and pipings to the passes.

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      Abu noor

      Dear Mr.Nasser
      See the attachments for product stripper pump

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