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      What are the job roles or opportunities of a Chemical Engineer in an Oil Refinery?

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      The Job description of a chemical engineer to run the oil refinery includes;

      1. Process Engineer in the Technical Services Department to support the operations department, technical calculations, efficiency monitoring of equipment, catalysts monitoring and replacement, chemical monitoring, R & D of projects, test runs, etc.
      2. Plant Operations Engineer works at different positions I) as a Shift Engineer II) as a Day Engineer III) as a Unit Incharge. The operations engineer keeps the unit running through parameter monitoring at DCS and local. He handles emergencies like power failure, steam failure, feed failure, etc. He performs the tasks mainly as per operating procedures.
      3. HSE Engineer (Health Safety and Environment Engineer) works for the safety of the plant. Monitor and improve the HSE standards of the plant. Train the employees to perform the jobs safely.
      4. Fire Control Engineer, this role is very critical. He trains and leads the fire fighting crew in case of fire or heavy leakages at the plant.
      5. Production Planning Engineer, regulates the plant loads according to the market requirements and crude oil quality.
      6. Project Engineer leads the new projects like installation of new plants or major equipment replacement etc.
      7. Operations Engineer Oil Movement, monitors and controls the inventory of products. Sometimes also lead to the shipment of the finished products.

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      1) For an plant operations engineer which skills are in demand nationally and internationally ?
      2) What are the basic skills of an plant operation engineer ?
      3) How plant operations engineer move towards new role/title like production planning engineer & project engineer ?
      3) What skills are in demand for project/production planning engineer ?

      Kindly answer my above queries as well as please mention in demands software skills too.


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