Sulfiding of Diolefins Reactor in Diesel Hydrotreating unit

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      Abu noor

      In Diesel unit we have diolefins reactor it’s required both high temperature sulfiding and low temperature sulfiding or only low temperature sulfiding because we don’t have any hot source to increase the reactor inlet temperature more than 200 deg the preheater to the diolefins reactor is heated by fractionator bottoms?

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      Nasir Hussain

      As per my point of view; the di-olefins reactor contains the active type of grading material. You don’t need to sulfide it like the main catalyst. It will require minor Sulfur, which it will pick from the diesel feed at the given operating conditions.
      You will continue your sulfiding of the main reactor as per guidelines given by your vendor, the guard reactor will also be sulfided.
      Please contact your vendor procedures for clarity.

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