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      Why do we maintain a differential temperature of 3~-5 degree C between Amine and Hydrocarbon gas in Amine Scrubber? What are the effects, if DT increases or deceases?

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      At a low differential temperature below 3 degree C or negative DT, HC from the gas condenses in the Amine which results in foaming in the Amine system and carryover of Amine and high differential pressure of Amine Scrubber.

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      Usman Rasheed

      In addition to above, the due point of hydrocarbons is achieved at the operating conditions if we continue to decrease the amine temperature while gas temperature is on the higher side.
      In cold or rainy weather when the amine suddenly drops then it is important to reduce the gas temperature as well to maintain the DT on the positive side.
      Moreover, the high temperature of amine will reduce its capacity to remove H2S from the sour gas.

      Usman Rasheed
      Operations Engineer ATU, SRU, SWT Units

Viewing 2 reply threads
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