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      Nasir Hussain

      What are the reasons for sudden ampere spikes in crude oil desalter and what are the control actions?
      Reasons of ampere fluctuations in crude oil desalters are;
      1. Low dosing rate of demulsifier.
      2. More than 6 % of crude oil feed, desalting water/washing water flow to the desalter.
      3. High differential pressure across the mixing valve.
      4. Sludge carries over from a crude tank along with the crude oil.
      5. Temperature of the desalter is higher than the design.
      6. Improper settling time and draining of crude oil tank.
      7. Low levels of crude feed tanks causing sludge to carry over.

      Control Actions to avoid ampers spikes in crude oil desalters

      Above mentioned reasons can be adjusted according to the situation, but immediate control actions are;
      1. Open the mixing valve to decrease the differential pressure to zero.
      2. Reduce the desalting water injection rate by 2~3% of the crude oil feed rate.
      3. Reduce the water levels of crude oil desalter to a minimum.

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