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Nasir Hussain

In CCR there is no requirement of stoppage of production or reforming process as it is a continuous process to take out for regeneration` and return the catalyst during normal operation.
Each CCR unit has its capacity of regeneration per hour and is designed as per reforming process requirement.
Say reforming has 100 ton of catalyst and approximate capacity of CCR would be 1000 Kg/hr. It will take 100 hours (4.16 Days) to regenerate the complete 100 ton of the catalyst. It means it will complete one cycle in 4.16 days. Normally,~650 times (cycles) the reforming catalyst can be regenerated after that the catalyst6 has to be replaced.
Normally, load in percentage for both the units reforming and CCR remains the same and reforming unit continue its operation. But if the CCR unit is shut down due to some reasons, then reforming unit operation is restricted but can be continued for 1~2 days at low severity.