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      I hope you all are fine and doing great.

      Currently I am designing my final year design project. I am designing catalytic reforming plant and process used is CCR by UOP. I almost design all major equipment. I copes with some problem while designing the distillation column and also called de-butainzer. My questions are below;

      1) I got K values for C1 to C6 hydrocarbon at specified temperature and pressure which are 60C at top and 200C at bottom. But there are other components in feed which are benzene, toluene, methylcyclohexane and methylcyclopentane and for these component I cant find K value and antoine coefficient temperature ranges at upto 100 C for these component. Can any one guide me how to get K values for these hydrocarbon?

      2) How to calculated Length of column. According to me L = no of trays x tray spacing and I have read this in some literature. But As there is top space above top most tray and as well as bottom space. In one document it say top space must be between 800mm to 1000mm for man-way but what about bottom space? As I know there must be something related to residence time if I am using following equation given in literature named as “Chemical Engineering Process Design & Ecnomics by Hary Silla”;

      Ls=bottom space = 0.06 x No of actual trays + 2.0.

      Actual trays are 30

      Space between trays = 0.45 m

      Bottom Dia = 1.4m

      Top dia = 0.851 m

      By using this I got 3.8 m space at bottom is it feasible ?

      Kindly guide me please

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