Diesel/Kero Salt Dryer drain line choking/blockage

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      Nasir Hussain

      Does anyone faces the problem of Diesel/kerosene salt dryers, drain line blockage problem? The intensity of this problem increases in the winter season.
      The answer to this question is as follows;
      1.If water is not drained for a long time then salt can be solidified and causing blockage of the Salt Drier drain line. For this, for short period the drain line of the salt drier can be back washed with hot water. In addition, steam tracing can be applied for a long-term solution.
      2.Sometimes operation of a Diesel Coalescer upstream of the Salt Drier can also affect the drain line. If all the corrosion particles/material is picked up by the Coalescer then you will have a lower blockage problem. If these are not picked up in Coalescer these will settle down at the bottom of the Drier then eventually, will chock the Johnson screen. Blackish sludge at the bottom drain line of Drier can be seen along with salt. If this is removed by the Coalescer then we will have a low frequency of problem.

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