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      Nasir Hussain

      What are the hazards of Benzene in confined spaces of oil refinery like Hydrotreating and hydrocracking reactors? How does it can be removed?

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      Usman Rasheed

      Benze is a very serious concern if present in confined space or any other work area. In Oil refinery Benzene is mainly present in aromatics waste tanks, reactors, close drain vessels. In addition, all other confined spaces should also be taken seriously.
      Its exposure can be avoided in confined spaces by;
      1. Monotiring through Benzene meter or apply Lab test to analyze the atmosphere of confined space.
      2. Proper ventilation will reduce the concentration in confined space. As it is heavier than air so will be settled in lower areas.

      Benzene is a well-established cause of cancer in humans.
      Chronic exposure to benzene can reduce the production of both red and white blood
      cells from bone marrow in humans.
      Effects Acute:
      Narcosis: headache, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, tremors, and loss of consciousness.
      Benzene is a moderate eye irritant and a skin irritant.

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