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      Nasir Hussain

      The difference among SXV, XV, TV, PV, FV and other valves used in oil refinery.
      FV/FCV: A flow control valve regulates the flow or pressure of a fluid.
      PV/PCV: Pressure control valve
      LV/LCV: Level control valve
      TV/TCV: Temperature Control valve
      SXV/UV: are usually on/off a type of valves used for full open or full close position. Normally, they are used for ESD system.
      XV (On-off valves): They are used for normal isolation of any equipment in a process plant.
      AOV: Air Operated Valve
      HV: Hand Valves, controlled manually as per the requirement to control the parameters. Dampers of furnaces are operated manual and are tagged as HV. They don’t work on Auto Mode.

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