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Nasir Hussain

The feed required for Alkylation unit is normally from FCC unit.
While FCC unit is not installed in Pakistan region.
FCC unit is normally in those regions where is is the high demand of gasoline.
In Pakistan region diesel and kero are on high demand thats why hydrocracking unit are installed to convert heavy bottom to boost the production of diesel.
In addition, we had great demand of furnace oil as well. Those refineries which do not have hydrocracking units, they produce furnace oil and Asphalt.
But for some years might be since 2017, due to heavy smog furnace oil power plants remains shutdown from Nov. To February. So some refineries had to shut down due to sale issue of furnace oil and others had to reduce refinery loads.
Now refiners are thinking to convert VDU bottom to some valuable product. So in the near future might be FCC unit and Alkylation unit installed.